Plant Explosions and Fires

Industrial Plant Explosions Fires and Catastrophic Accidents and Crane Collapses

Serious injury in the workplace is all too common. And although the word “accident” is used as above to refer to these disasters, catastrophic injury is the workplace is almost invariably tied to preventable problems such as inefficient management oversight, improperly trained safety personnel, defective and dangerous products used at the site, and the all too often putting profits above safety concerns.  Some plants have a horrendous track record of both safety violations and major incidents such as injury causing incidents like explosions and fires.

The terrible power of many industrial explosions are difficult for most people to imagine. They can actually register on earthquake scales. When Mr. DiMuzio was preparing for his first major explosion case he reviewed the litigation file from the infamous Phillips 66 explosion. He was initially surprised to see many DNA experts listed. “I kept seeing all of these references to DNA experts and my reaction was this is not a criminal case – then I was shocked to realize that their purpose was to identify the scattered remains of the innocent victims. The force of these explosions are difficult to believe.”

Terrible burns, brain injuries, paralysis, severe hearing loss, post traumatic stress and a host of other terrible injuries can forever change a workers life. And the damage is also shouldered by the family whether helping a loved one recover or dealing with a premature and often avoidable loss of life.

The factual, scientific and legal aspects of these cases can be daunting. An attorney needs the proper scientific and legal background and experience in order to successfully litigate these cases.

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Most jurisdictions have strict time limits to file a claim for these types of injuries. If you fail to meet these time deadlines you may be forever banned from asserting your rights. Please contact us today.

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