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Gary DiMuzio

Senior Lawyer

Gary DiMuzio has dedicated his entire professional life to achieving justice for victims of mesothelioma, cancer and other environmental and occupational work place hazards. He has represented plaintiffs in cases involving mesothelioma, lung cancer, leukemia, liver cancer, silicosis, plant explosions and environmental contamination with some of the largest and most successful law firms across the country. In recent years a substantial percentage of his practice has been assisting other attorneys with the complex scientific and corporate responsibility issues in mesothelioma cases. He is a guest speaker on the law and science of mesothelioma and asbestos at national legal conferences.

Gary DiMuzio went to law school at the University of Houston Law Center with the sole intent of helping those poisoned by pollution. He concentrated on environmental and occupational contamination law. As a law student and legal intern for the Environmental Defense Fund, he drafted the first lawsuit filed by the EDF in Texas. The early experience of where law, science and policy interface created the impetus to understand sciences such as toxicology, epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental studies, risk assessment and exposure assessment in order to be the best advocate for his future clients. With that in mind, Gary DiMuzio undertook environmental public health studies at the University of Texas School of Public Health concurrently with his law degree.

Representing plaintiffs in environmental exposure cases, Gary DiMuzio has experience and expertise in litigation involving toxic substances including hydrofluoric acid, PAHs, crude oil wastes, TCE, vinyl chloride, styrene tars, creosote and silica. Mesothelioma victims represented include Navy veterans, shipyard workers, auto mechanics, oil and chemical workers, construction workers, painters and sheetrock workers and power plant personnel. He has also represented mesothelioma victims whose only exposure was at home because they were able to do their own sheetrock or vinyl asbestos tile work, or change the asbestos containing brakes and clutches on their cars. Gary DiMuzio has fought for the spouses and children of workers who were exposed to the deadly dust brought home by the workers and were diagnosed with mesothelioma ten, twenty, thirty years or more afterwards. Gary DiMuzio explains:

“Many mesothelioma victims have never filed a lawsuit and thought they would never do so. In the process of dealing with a diagnosis of mesothelioma and its impact on every aspect of their lives, these men and women learn for the first time that, not only could their past work have been the source of asbestos exposure, the dangers of such exposure were widely known among experts and industry since at least 1930. But rather than risk profits, workers were put at risk.”

By hiring a dedicated lawyer to fight for them and their families in order to receive the compensation the law allows, those injured by exposure to asbestos can demand accountability from those responsible and, hopefully, for other innocent victims down the road.

We believe that The DiMuzio Law Firm can and will provide the dedication, the knowledge and the passion needed to hold those responsible for injury as a result of exposure to toxic substances or plant explosions accountable. Please call us at 1 (713) 417-2197 or use the contact box to the right of your screen to speak with a knowledgeable attorney. Most jurisdictions have laws strictly limiting the amount of time you have to assert your legal rights for compensation or you will be forever barred from asserting them. So please contact us today. We only work on the best individual cases so that our clients get the specific attention they deserve.*

* Gary DiMuzio is licensed in Texas but litigates across the nation in cooperation with other lawyers and law firms.